Thanks to its internal organization and its long-standing presence in the sector, C.E.T.O.C. can market a very extensive know how, but also its skills in arranging services and solutions.
In other words, CE.T.O.C. is an active and cooperative interlocutor, providing help in tackling every possible problem in the field of vehicles’, devices’ and independent technical units’ homologation according to European standard.

  • Integrated approach: Since its two functional divisions, Homologation and Service, work both independently and as a whole, CE.T.O.C. provides a wide range of highly effective solutions for every level of the automotive sector (homologation, registration, after-sales). This means that CE.T.O.C. can act as an "outward department" for its Clients
  • Modular programs: CE.T.O.C. is set up in different modules and working units across various areas of activity. So we can offer a wide range of personalized solutions, specifically fitted to meet individual needs
  • Ability and experience: Great experience in the automotive sector, together with a large practice among leading companies make CE.T.O.C. a very competitive automotive service provider. UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 certification assures standardization and fluency procedures
  • Professionalism: CE.T.O.C. can count up a large team composed by over 30 people, including technical, testing and clerical personnel. Specific training and updating is provided at every corporate level so that our Clients always get in touch with an expert interlocutor
  • Objectives: Attained the leadership in the homologation sector, CE.T.O.C. constantly honours its commitment in analysing, researching and projecting in order to refresh its range of services and fit them to external needs